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Our Approach

Long-Term Holistic Scalp / Root Treatment

The only way to repair thinning, damaged hair is to deliver nutrients and hydration from your body's blood stream to your hair's roots and then the cuticles.

Short-term Faking vs Real Repair

We understand that you have a busy schedule and want to streamline your beauty routine. Your hair regimen may involve some combination of hair coloring, flat ironing, blow drying, as well as using hair styling products such as spray, gel, heat protectant oil and so on. Just don't forget to take care of your scalp and roots too. Healthy hair is the result of your scalp and roots' condition.

Sadly, people take care of their hair; yet, do nothing about their scalp and roots. You can combine both short-term, quick fix hair care, with long-term, holistic scalp and root treatment, enabling the maintenance of surface hair health while synchronously nourishing and growing from the root.


We live in a society that values beauty.

Hair quality plays a vital role in our overall attractiveness. However, the majority of women are not satisfied with their hair. Concerns about thinning and damaged hair affect self-confidence and happiness too.

As difficult as it may be to admit, a bad hair day can extend to many areas of our lives. Not surprisingly, most women are concerned about unhealthy hair (thinning, dry, dull, brittle, frizzy, split and breaking). Most people don't know where to find treatment for their hair concerns, so, they consult their hair stylists or embark on lengthy Google searches. Salon treatments such as keratin, protein and hot oil, can provide an instant boost, unfortunately, their effects are temporary.

Since these treatments are impermanent, they cannot improve or repair your damaged hair long-term. Furthermore, there is potential for the synthetic products to increase the damage to your hair due to strong chemicals that distort the hair cuticle structure, exposing the inner core structure of the hair shaft. Many of the mainstream and popular solutions to our hair woes are ephemeral and ultimately disappointing.

It is water, not oil, which moisturizes and hydrates hair.

On the other hand, organic, homemade treatments have become popular online. Most of these natural treatments emphasize the use of oils such as Argan, Castor and etc. or organic, food-based protein applications on hair or scalp.

Firstly, food-based protein (such as coconut) application on your damaged cuticle will not improve hair quality because those ingredients cannot penetrate the cuticle or cortex and, if they do, the temporary protein will not last.

Secondly, oil treatment on your scalp will not hydrate your scalp, simply because some oils (Argan and Castor) have a large molecule size and cannot penetrate scalp skin. These oils instantly clog pores leading to a congested and flaky scalp. The same process occurs when oils are applied on hair. Largely sized oil molecules sit on the cuticle, faking thick, shiny hair while simultaneously attracting dirt and germs. Although smaller sized oil molecules can penetrate the cuticle, they are absorbed quickly, so the thick, shiny look disappears rapidly.

Furthermore, oil will not moisturize your hair, because oil does not mix with water. It is water, not oil, which moisturizes and hydrates hair.