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Dr. ForHair Series

  • Folligen Shampoo 300ml
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      • Scalp skin is the same as facial skin; Your scalp needs the same care as your face; Exfoliate buildup, unclogging congested pores, hydrates and nourishes deep skin
      • Folligen shampoo will gently removes buildups on scalp, controls sebum, strengthens hair roots
      • Active ingredients : Biotin, niacin amide, dex panthonol, zinc pyrithione
      • Approved by the ministry of food and drug safety which prevents hair loss and provides nutrition to dull hair
      • Made in Korea / contents appearance : Milky white liquid
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  • Absolute Silk Damage Conditioner 500ml
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      • Triple care for moisturizing+ nourishing +resilience.
      • Trio for caring highly damaged hair that contain 20 kinds of silk amino acid, 4 natural botanical oils, and 7 kinds of naturally derived properties leave your hair silky soft.
      • Providing nutrition and elasticity by forming moisture barrier on hair and restoring damaged hair with patented silicon emulsion manufacturing process
      • Key Ingredients: Amino Acid, Monoi Oil, Keratin, Collagen
      • Imported from Korea


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  • Sea Salt Scaler 200ml
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    • Deep cleansing to make scalp breathe, Purifying scalp with Salt from Israel Dead Sea, Softens scalp buildups which cannot be removed from regular shampooing, scrubs with non-silicon, non-compound surface active agent and non-stimulation
    • Use as a pre-shampooing exfoliator with superior efficacy for excessive sebum, environmental debris, product buildups
    • Clinical trials completed at the Dermatological Science & Clinical Evaluation Services
    • Key Active Ingredients: Israel Dead Sea  Salt, Dex Panthenol, Zinc pyrithione, Centella asiatica Extract, Glycolic Acid
    How To use
    • Damp your hair and scalp
    • Unscrew the nozzle counter-clock wise to open
    • Apply on wet scalp and spread evenly on your scalp
    • Leave in for 1 minutes until sea salt melts down
    • Massage for 30 seconds and leave it for 3 minutes 
    • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water (it is better to apply sea salt scaler and leave in until you finish shower and then rinse off)
    • Then shampoo
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    • Folligen Scalp Vital Ampoule 15ml
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        • Folligen Scalp Vital Ampoule instantly strengthens hair roots and volume up the crown of the head suffered from UV rays and harmful environment
        • Fixes uneven hair volume due to excessive hair styling such as frequent use of dryer, iron, volume mouse, hair spray etc.
        • Fortified with key ingredients such as Rosemary Oil, Betaine, Dex Pantenol, Tocopherol, Salicylic Acid
        • Imported from Korea
      How To Use
        • After shampooing, towel-dry hair and scalp
        • Apply about 10 drops evenly to volume-lacking area or the crown area of the head
        • Massage scalp for 1 minutes
        • Do not wash off (leave in)
        • Use 2-3 times a week together with daily use of Folligen Botanical Relief Tonic 
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      • Botanical Relief Tonic 120ml
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        • Your scalp needs the same treatment as your facial skin
        • Botanical Relief Tonic is made from patented natural ingredients extracted from herbs which will gently protect and calm the sensitive, tired scalp skin
        • Revitalizes, rejuvenates inactive follicles which have roots but not producing hair any longer
        • Soothes and nourishes inflammatory scalp skin
        • Effective for inflammatory scalp, hair loss prevention, boosting hair roots for volume hair
        • Contains Green Phyto-Complex to provide soothing care for scalp relief and protection
        • Imported from Korea
        How to Use
        • After shampooing and towel dry, section your hair and spray tonic
        • Repeat sectioning ad spraying to cover entire scalp especially crown area and frontal area
        • Massage your scalp for 1 minutes
        • Do not wash off (leave in)
        • Use daily; Recommended to use tonic daily together with 2-3 times use of Folligen Scalp Vital Ampoule
        Suitable for all gender and ages, especially for sensitive scalp type. *Directly Imported from Korea*
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